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4 types of autumn fashion patterns not to be missed


Join ELLE to discover 4 types of fashion patterns that are expected to “storm” the fashion village this fall.

In Fall 2020, the traditional Scottish Tartan stripes and wild animal prints have taken the fashion world by storm. You can easily see the presence of these patterns on the catwalks as well as on the streets. So what about this Fall, which print will take the throne and replace the stripes and prints that dominate our wardrobes – fashion lovers?

Patchwork – “Patchwork” optimism with the improvisation of fashion

If you’ve never heard of patchwork, this is a pattern that is “patched” together from pieces of colorful fabrics, prints and materials to create a fashion “harmony” full of character. Random and funny. Originally, this pattern originated from popular fashion when the world fell into a great crisis and a life of poverty caused people to gather excess fabric to fill in the holes and tears of clothes. Although it is a symbol of difficulty, today’s patchwork pattern has become the creative inspiration of many high-end fashion houses such as Etro, Dolce & Gabbana or Chanel, etc.

Patchwork D&G fashion pattern

Dolce & Gabbana’s patchwork trench coat design. (Photo: Dolce & Gabbana)

Chanel patchwork textures

(Photo: Chanel)

And this Fall, when we’ve almost been at home for the past few months filled with mystery and boredom, the eye-catching random patchwork has suddenly become a perfect therapy to release energy. negative energy and bring fresh inspiration to life. Bringing together colorful scraps of fabric not only opens up an optimistic new fashion worldview, but also a way for fashion houses to embody the “sustainable” lifestyle that the fashion industry has to offer. are chasing into expensive designs.

fashion patchwork irene kim

(Photo: Style du Monde)

Patchwork fashion cropped top

(Photo: Who What Wear)

Pastel flowers for a gentle autumn day

If the floral pattern of Summer is a tropical garden of colorful colors and exaggerated sizes, Autumn is more gentle and childish with lovely miniature flowers. The colors of the autumn flower pattern are also softer and more elegant with sweet pastel tones such as pink, lilac purple, etc.

Simone Rocha fashion floral pattern

(Photo: Simone Rocha)

Appearing on from flowing midi dresses to thin sweaters, autumn’s floral motifs conquer fashionistas by their youthfulness and unpretentiousness. Don’t forget to add to your wardrobe big neck dresses with small flower motifs with a gentle Cottagecore direction because this is an item that is expected to “rock” your wardrobe this fall.

Floral cardigan

(Photo: Want My Chic)

Autumn fashion floral dress

(Photo: @sara_waiste)

Early Fall fashion 2021 and outstanding trend predictions

Early Fall fashion 2021 and outstanding trend predictions

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Fashion items with classic beauty mixed with interesting innovations of the new era are expected to “storm” the autumn wardrobe of fans.

Art deco – interesting geometric exhibition on fashion designs

Not only bringing flashy disco floors to clothing mixes, this fall also saw the return of artistic geometric patterns called Art deco. In case you are still unfamiliar with this concept, art deco in fashion is about turning simple geometric lines into decorative motifs and applying them to materials or cuts. From Marc Jacobs to Versace, Prada, etc. Art deco motifs appear attractive with striking retro colors or eye-catching metallic materials full of modern “breath”.

Marc Jacobs fashion pattern

(Photo: Marc Jacobs)

fashion art deco

(Photo: Prada)

Art deco motifs often use strong straight lines, with depth but equally soft and vivid. If you are a lover of art and clean geometric lines, let Art deco costumes turn you into an “exhibition” that is lively and impossible to take your eyes off this Fall.

Versace pattern art deco

(Photo: @ester_exposito)

art deco fashion pattern shirt

(Photo: Style Vore)

Logomania – a new age brand position statement

There are two ways of reacting to these logo-filled designs: “hate” or “infatuation”. There will be people who are fed up with the excessive branding of the brand, but conversely, there are still many fashionistas who crave the original trendy beauty of this unflinching way of thinking.

Louis Vuitton Logomania Fashion

(Photo: Louis Vuitton)

Fashion logomania gucci

(Photo: Gucci)

This fall, fashion houses will please both of these objects with clever stylization of their logos. Like the letter “V” in the Valentino brand name was used to create the chevron wavy pattern on the felt jacket or the Marine Serre’s signature crescent moon pattern, etc. All of which made the fan community simultaneously fall in love. rash and had to change the look on the logomania motif that was once “outcast”.

Chevron V-pattern

(Photo: Valentino)

Marine Serre textures

(Photo: Style du Monde)

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