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Chic and trendy bun like Hailey Bieber


Low bun hair is the choice of today’s supermodels every day. Hailey Bieber shares the secret to conquering this elegant hairstyle with just a few simple steps.

Hailey Bieber, Kendall Jenner, Hadid sisters… the current supermodels all prefer the middle parted bun. As for Hailey, she always takes advantage of this hairstyle not only because it is “à la mode”, but also for other reasons. Find out why she loves this hairstyle with ELLE and learn the secret to a perfect low bun!

Kendall Jenner and Hailey Bieber walk out of the gym.

Supermodels are often seen with this simple bun, from the gym to the red carpet. (Image: Getty)

Braids to grow long hair

Hailey honestly said that her hair is not quite as shiny and healthy as people think. In fact, she often puts her hair in a simple bun between hair extensions, and at the same time keeps her hair long.

Hailey Bieber walks down the street in a sweater and denim pants.

Photo: Getty Images

She shared about her hair care journey: “When I don’t have hair extensions, I just want to tie my hair up neatly. My hair used to be very long in my teens. Then I started my modeling career and wanted to look sharp, so I cut my hair short. Since then, my hair has not grown any longer. I’m trying to grow my hair long now, but it might take a long time. However, I see a difference in my hair when I stop dyeing it. So now I don’t dye my hair blonde anymore.”

Hailey Bieber with a bun on the red carpet.

She constantly styled, bleached and dyed her hair because the job caused a lot of damage to her hair. (Photo: WireImage)

Hailey Bieber - The beauty of the American muse

Hailey Bieber – The beauty of the American muse

At the age of 23, Hailey Bieber’s charm exudes from her perfect body and beautiful cinematic face. Are you curious about her secret?

Hailey Bieber at Paris Fashion Week 2021

Hailey Bieber at Paris Fashion Week 2021 (Image: Getty)

Steps to take

With the sleek low bun that has become her trademark, Hailey says she finds the hairstyle “both chic and convenient” with the help of the right hair products. “Before I put my hair in a bun, I use a leave-in conditioner, conditioner, or hairspray,” she explains. Thus, the hair will be nourished during the time of the bun. My hair gets greasy very quickly, so I will only apply the product from the middle of the hair shaft to the ends.”

Hailey Bieber is out in a white outfit and hair in a bun.

Hailey loves this bun hairstyle because of its elegance and “multipurpose”. (Photo: BackGrid)

The key to this “trendy” hairstyle is that the front part is smoothed, pressed close to the top of the head. To achieve this effect, you can use conditioner, hairspray, or dry hair to combine conditioner like Hailey. Using a comb with tight teeth, parting in the middle and brushing the sides of the hair close to the scalp, finally tying it at the nape of the neck, you have a very elegant and trendy hairstyle.

Hailey Bieber with her husband at Paris Fashion Week

Hailey Bieber with her husband at Paris Fashion Week 2021 (Image: Getty)

You can opt for a slightly higher bun. Then, if you pull the hair tight at the temples, you will achieve a “natural facelift” effect. The skin on both sides is stretched to help the face slimmer, instantly smooth skin.

Hailey Bieber walks the street with a bun hairstyle.

Photo: BackGrid

Hailey Bieber wore a bun on the wedding day.

Hailey wore this hairstyle even on her wedding day. (Photo: Instagram @justinbieber).

Why low bun makes

Why does the low bun make the “brand” of Princess Meghan Markle?

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In addition to the outfit and makeup style, Meghan Markle always leaves a beautiful impression with her charming low bun

Product Suggestions

“My favorite hair product right now is K18’s dry hair conditioner. She uses this hair mask every time she washes her hair. If her hair is stiffer from the pool water, she will use Ouai’s dry hair conditioner. Finally, she parted it in the middle and used a thin hairspray.”

Hailey Bieber walks the street with a bun hairstyle.

(Image: Getty)

Hair products Hailey Bieber loves and uses every day.

Hair products she loves and uses every day.

ELLE suggests a few similar products below for you to choose from!

Recommended product to style hair like Hailey Bieber

Moroccanoil’s Smoothing Lotion is both nourishing and easy to manage.

Recommended product to style hair like Hailey Bieber

Hair Conditioner and Grooming Aid Formula 133 can be used as a conditioner, or as a dry conditioner, leaving hair silky smooth without greasy residue.

Kérastase Elixir Ultime is ideal for thinning hair with its Intra-Cylane enhanced formula that thickens and improves shine for dull hair.

1,200,000 won

Kerastase Elixir Ultime


Superfine Micro Mist: Superfine Micro Mist gently coats the hair surface, helping to hold style without feeling dry.

166,500 won

TRESemmé Compressed Micro Mist


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