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LVMH Fashion Awards 2021 announced 4 winners of young designers


After a long journey with many creative challenges set forth by a team of judges including the “face-to-face” names in the fashion industry, the prestigious LVMH Prize 2021 has officially found the winner.

On the afternoon of Tuesday, September 7, 2021, the results of this year’s LVMH Awards were announced by French actress Isabelle Huppert at the Fondation Louis Vuitton headquarters in Paris. After a long time with many creative challenges to find new generation fashion talents, the highest ranking of the most prestigious annual award in fashion has also found a successor.

LVMH Fashion Award Winner Announced

Delphine Arnault, actress Isabelle Huppert and winner of the LVMH Awards 2021 – Albanian female designer Nesi Dojaka. (Photo: LVMH)

According to the announcement from the brand representative of LVMH, the two most important award categories of the LVMH 2021 contest have found new owners. Albanian designer Nesi Dojaka won Young Designer of the Year with a prize pool of £300,000 and a year of mentoring from renowned LVMH group mentors. Hailing from Albania and based in London, Dojaka founded her own brand in 2017 and through Fashion East – an organization dedicated to nurturing new fashion talent by giving designers the chance to show on the runwat at London Fashion Week to make a name for herself. Since then, Dojaka has become known for her slim ’90s-inspired spaghetti lace-up dresses and glamorous fashion creations designed with passion.

fashion designer nensi Dojaka

Nesi Dojaka and one of her fashion creations at the LVMH fashion contest 2021. (Image: LVMH)

Businesswoman Delphine Arnault shared in an interview that she is delighted that Nensi Dojaka has become the winner of the LVMH Awards 2021: “Her sexy and trendy fashion mindset breaks conventions. as well as connecting confidence and trendy style in women’s fashion. Besides, I am especially grateful to all 9 finalists for their precious presence despite the special circumstances. I applaud their outstanding talent and creativity. I am delighted that the LVMH Awards have drawn public attention to their talents and will help individuals develop their own brands.”

9 contestants in the final of LVMH

9 contestants participated in the final round of this year’s fashion competition of LVMH Group. (Photo: LVMH)

Peter Do - The journey from young designer to LVMH 2020 winner

Peter Do – The journey from young designer to LVMH 2020 winner

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Peter Do’s portrait may be a mystery, but let this talented designer share about himself, his brand and his fashion family through…

Meanwhile, the Karl Lagerfeld Prize was awarded to 3 young designers with a new fashion vision at the same time, including Colm Dillane (Kidsuper), Lukhanyo Mdingi and Rui Zhou with £150,000 in bonuses and 1 year of operation and development. under the leadership of the LVMH team. It is known that this is also the first time in the history of the LVMH Fashion Awards that 3 individuals have shared the victory in the same category.

Portraits of 3 winners of the Karl Lagerfeld Fashion Prize

Portrait of 3 young designers winning the Karl Lagerfeld Prize. (Photo: LVMH)

3 Young Fashion Designers Karl Lagerfeld Award

From left, Colm Dillane (Kidsuper), Rui Zhou and Lukhanyo Mdingi with their Karl Lagerfeld award winning creations. (Photo: LVMH)

Since its founding in 2014, the LVMH Fashion Awards have promised to find and nurture emerging talent around the world with the sponsorship and internal connections of the eponymous corporation. For young fashion designers trying to make their way in this billion-dollar industry, both the Karl Lagerfeld and Young Designer awards are invaluable opportunities. Previous winners include Thebe Magugu, Marine Serre and Grace Wales Bonner. However, 2020 was an exception as the final was canceled due to the pandemic and all eight finalists – including Peter Do, Chopova Lowena and Tomo Koizumi – shared the prize.

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