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[Review] Some By Mi Acne Serum AHA – BHA


Some By Mi is a cosmetic and health care brand that is loved by many women because of the effectiveness and affordable prices that the products it brings to users. Recently, the company has launched a serum to treat acne Some By Mi AHA – BHA – PHA 30 Days Miracle. Let’s learn about this product through our following article.

I. About Some By Mi brand and Some By Mi acne serum AHA – BHA – PHA 30 Days Miracle

Some By Mi brand is a popular brand in the field of body care and beauty in Korea but also in other countries recently, including Vietnam.

The highlight of this brand is its reasonable price, along with the great benefits that its products bring to users, and this brand is popular with many women with acne or problem skin. use.

The company’s most famous product is the “divine” line of 30 Days Miracle that contains both AHAs and BHAs. This product specializes in treating acne, has anti-inflammatory effects, soothes the skin and helps heal wounds caused by acne without mechanical intervention.

Some By Mi acne serum AHA – BHA – PHA 30 Days Miracle is in the above product line, very good for acne-prone skin, sensitive skin. The product has gotu kola extract, tea tree oil and other natural products that are very good for the skin.

II. Is Some By Mi Serum good?

Some By Mi Acne Serum AHA – BHA – PHA 30 Days Miracle
Some By Mi Acne Serum AHA – BHA – PHA 30 Days Miracle

2.1. The packaging design of some by mi aha-bha-pha 30 days miracle serum

The product has a fresh look with a light green color, the same tone as the other products in the Some By Mi AHA-BHA-PHA 30 Days Miracle range. This Serum bottle has a dark blue color combined with a black hard dropper cap, which is convenient to take out the nutrients. With a product capacity of 50ml, it promises to be used for a long time

2.2. The texture of the serum essence Some By Mi

Different from other serums on the market, Some By Mi AHA – BHA – PHA 30 Days Miracle Acne Serum has 2 separate layers including oil layer and liquid serum layer. A little closer analysis, the Serum has a slightly viscous form, not liquid and dilute like other types.

Although there is an oil component inside, when used, it does not cause stickiness but absorbs very quickly into the skin. Leaves skin with a soft and supple finish. In addition, this product also has a rather fragrant color of tea tree and gotu kola, creating a cool and fresh feeling for the user.

2.3. Some By Mi acne serum ingredients

Here are the outstanding ingredients in the anti-acne essence: serum some By Mi.

Gotu kola and Melaleuca

Some By Mi acne serum has got centella asiatica extract (14.5%) and tea tree concentrations (10,000ppm). The combination of these two ingredients has a soothing effect on the skin, creating a protective layer on the skin from harmful effects, as well as helping to regenerate the skin.

Tea tree essence

The tea ingredient in this Serum helps to fight inflammation, reduce acne, clear acne as well as control the amount of oil on the skin.

Active ingredients AHA, BHA, PHA

The trio of AHAs, BHAs, and PHAs are all well-known for their cleansing effect and removing dirt, bacteria, and dead cells deep on the skin, preventing acne-causing agents. And PHA helps anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and helps slow down the skin aging process.

III. Overall review of serum Some By Mi

In general, the Some By Mi AHA acne serum has a light texture that easily penetrates into your skin without leaving a greasy residue. This is an acne product, so its moisturizing effect is not too much. But when used, the skin is not dry like many other acne serum products.

The most important thing about this product is its ability to effectively treat acne. The product has a quick acne treatment time. Within 2 weeks of using this Serum, my acne skin condition has improved significantly. The obnoxious acne spots on the face are gone. In addition, the tea tree essence, centella asiatica essence in the product also help regenerate the damage caused by acne on the face.

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However, this product does not seem to be effective on dark spots, pigmentation and freckles. Therefore, if you want to treat dark spots, you should use it with other products.

IV. Some By Mi acne serum AHA – BHA – PHA 30 Days Miracle where to buy, how much?

Genuine Some By Mi acne serum
Some By Mi acne treatment essence costs about 300.00 VND/bottle

Some By Mi AHA – BHA – PHA 30 Days Miracle Acne Serum has a market price of about 300,000 VND / 50ml bottle that can be used within 2 months.

This product is also very easy to buy in the market, you can find it at any cosmetic store, or in the supermarket. In addition, this product is also available on online sales websites for you to easily order and use.

Posts on here, Natural Beauty Blog I just introduced you to Some By Mi AHA – BHA – PHA 30 Days Miracle acne serum. With a very affordable price, with great use in treating acne and healing facial skin. This is definitely a product that any woman who is having problems with acne needs to have in her skin care wardrobe. Hope you soon find a true serum essence to save your acne skin. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to leave a message with Natural Beauty Blog Please. Our team will always listen and answer you as soon as possible.

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