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One of my favorite cosmetic review requests recently is the Varihope Vitamin C serum. Why? The answer is that this “em” has really stirred up the skincare-loving community about its super-peak whitening and darkening ability.

So, I decided to immediately buy this “em” serum, challenge myself to experience it after 18 days to give you the most objective experience. Moreover, for the most accuracy, I will divide the Varihope vitamin C review into 2 phases: after 8 days and after 18 days. Hopefully with this review you can decide for yourself if the product is right for you!

Glimpse information about the brand Varihope

Varihope is a brand from Korea. The most prominent product of this brand is 8 Days Pure Vitamin C Ampoule Plus, with 13.5% pure extract. You can refer to the official website of Varihope in Korea here:

Compared to other brands, Varihope is really “modest” when only launching 4 product lines:

  • 8 Days Pure Vitamin C Ampoule 13.5% whitening essence
  • 8 Days Refining Boost Serum mild cleansing essence
  • 8 Days Pure Vitamin C Cream 7%
  • Skin Tone Brightening Mask Sheet

Most of these 4 products you can use alone or in combination. But according to my research, the combination of products is almost very tight and has a clear process. Next, I focus on reviewing the hottest product of this brand.

8 Days Pure Vitamin C Ampoule Plus Vitamin C Serum 8 Days Pure Vitamin C Ampoule Plus

Even though I always talk about serums, this one is actually an ampoule. Ampoule is still quite new in the Vietnamese market, but in Korea, the trend of using ampoule for skin care is a lot because ampoule is always considered to be rich in nutrients and bring higher efficiency than serum.

So what’s HOT about 8 Days Pure Vitamin C Ampoule?

  • About packaging: Outer box is white, glossy lamination. In the middle is the yellow Vari: Hope logo. In my opinion, the packaging looks very clean and delicate.
  • Vitamin C serum design: inside is a very small vitamin C serum box, only 15g capacity, made of very sturdy clear plastic. There is also a pump tube so you can get nutrients.

Design Varihope 8 Days Pure Vitamin C Ampoule Plus

  • Color and scent: The yellow color of the product looks very fresh, the first time I experienced a vitamin C serum with such a clear yellow color. Especially the scent is a bit strong. Maybe for some of you, you don’t like it, but I just smell it and I want to fall in love right away!!! Create a feeling of extreme trust.
  • Structure: The product texture is quite thick, one drop of the product is enough to cover an area of ​​the face. I once tried to put it in the refrigerator to preserve, then found that the essence was a lot thicker and thicker when left outside.
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Texture Varihope 8 Days Pure Vitamin C Ampoule Plus

  • Price: When I bought it, it was on sale with 450,000 VND left and got 1 more mask for free.

* When I finished buying, I still kept 50-50, feeling not completely convinced that the product was genuine, then downloaded the Naver App to check barCODE, it was true that the result returned the product name in Korean. Fortunately, there you can safely use it.

Look at the ingredient list in the Vitamin C Varihope serum

I also found the full list of ingredients included in the product, if you are a strict skincare follower, you can refer to the ingredient list below. Quite detailed.

I will highlight the ingredients that I think can improve your skin very well.

Ingredients Varihope 8 Days Pure Vitamin C Ampoule Plus

Purified water, ascorbic acid (13.5%), butylene glycol, dipropylene glycol, propane diol, dicaprylyl carbonate, propylene glycol dicaprylate/dicaprate, diisopropyl adipate, Polyglyceryl-10 laurate, polysorbate 60, kakadu plum extract, glutathione, glycerin, alpha-bisabolol, glyceryl stearate, panthenol, fibP, gluconic acid, chitosan, pullulan, sodium gluconate, Sodium hyaluronate, sunflower seed oil, dimethicone, disodium IDA, ethylhexylmethoxycinnamate, guarhydroxypropyltrimonium-chloride, sodium metabisulfite, tris(tetramethylhydroxypi Ferridinol) citrate, xanthan gum, cyclopentasiloxane, pyticone/ol, dimethane/ol, 1,2-hexanediol vinyl dimethicone cross polymer, mung bean outpost extract, adenosine, grapefruit extract, cochinyl cactus fruit Extract, beta-carotene, carrot extract, carrot seed oil, beta-glucan, birch bark extract, ethylhexylglycerin, ascorbyl palmitate, soybean root extract, fragrance.

Main ingredients Varihope 8 Days Pure Vitamin C Ampoule Plus

Advantages contained in the composition:

  • Contains a 13.5% concentration of pure Vitamin C Ascorbic Acid, which is the purest vitamin C and no derivatives of any kind. Pure vitamin C is more effective than derivatives, but the disadvantage is that it is difficult to stabilize and easily oxidized. But since the brand has applied technology and passed purified water to keep this active ingredient stable in the product, Varihope’s Vitamin C serum will be less prone to oxidation. More specifically, it’s hard for me to explain how to apply it, so if you are curious, you can directly email the brand in Korea for a more detailed answer.

* I have tried placing this serum outside at room temperature for 1 month, the vitamin C does not oxidize but still retains its original bright yellow color. The first plus point for her about the authenticity of the brand!

  • Kakadu plum extract: extract of the Australian Kakadu plum. According to my research, Kakadu is proven to have 100 times more Vitamin C than oranges. The ingredient is extremely expensive and must be imported from an intermediary in order to obtain the purest extract of the ingredient.
  • Glutathione: a familiar skin whitening and anti-oxidant in the product. Glutathione combined with Vitamin C will increase the whitening effect many times.
  • Alpha-Bisabolol: has soothing and healing properties for damaged skin. Has strong antioxidant capacity, prevents free radical activity and dispels melanin that accumulates under the skin.
  • Panthenol: reduces the possibility of skin irritation, restores damaged skin. Replenishes moisture and leaves skin soft and supple.
  • Pure Beta Glucan: helps reduce irritation, has the ability to hydrate and strengthen the skin barrier, as well as reduce wrinkles, redness and irritation. Beta Glucan also helps speed up damage repair, soothes the skin thanks to its powerful anti-irritant and antibacterial, anti-aging and antioxidant properties.
  • Adenosine: has anti-oxidant properties, brightens skin and improves wrinkles.
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Disadvantages of Vitamin C serum ingredients Varihope

Cons of Varihope 8 Days Pure Vitamin C Ampoule Plus

If I look through the ingredient list, I can also see some very good ingredients when combined with Vitamin C to improve the skin. Of course, looking at the ingredient list, there are still a few points that I don’t quite like. Examples are fragrance and silicone.

Because fragrance is at the bottom of the ingredient list, it doesn’t affect my skin, but even so, I still want to recommend that if your skin is really problematic and allergic to fragrance, you should consider it. remind.

As for silicone, there are ingredients such as: dimethicone, cyclopentasiloxane, dimethicone/vinyl dimethicone cross polymer. Similar to fragrances, they are at the bottom of the ingredient list, so they have almost no effect on your skin. In these locations, silicone acts as a solvent, softening the product and making your skin smooth and shiny when used. Rest assured that the ingredients are FDA-approved.

However!!! Still a warning, if you are allergic and often irritated to the smallest level of silicone, please consider before using!

* In general, with this ingredient list, it is enough for me to use and does not affect my skin.

Review the results of using Vitamin C Varihope

Experience after 8 days:

Use Varihope 8 Days Pure Vitamin C Ampoule Plus for 8 days

The first 8 days of using the product, I only used it every night. Although I really want to use it twice a day, because this is the first time using Vitamin C, my skin is stinging. It only takes 1-2 days for the stinging to go away, but to be sure, I only use it once a day. After applying on the skin, my skin has a finish that looks shiny and extremely tight. Especially in the morning when I look in the mirror, my skin is not dull, darkened and not oily.

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After 8 days, I noticed that the acne scars are very clear. Looking closely, there are still traces of dark spots, but because of my inflammatory acne, the bruises have improved so well, so I was extremely surprised. Normally, it takes 2-3 weeks for the bruises to fade, not to mention the need to combine with other care steps and carefully cover the sun.

  • About the level of white skin: I do not see clearly
  • Regarding the level of improvement of acne, I give it 8/10
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My skin after 8 days of using Vitamin C serum Varihope

Experience after 18 days:

Use Varihope 8 Days Pure Vitamin C Ampoule Plus for 18 days

After 8 days of experience, I have increased the frequency of use to 2 times / day. In the morning, combine with sunscreen to increase the effectiveness of skin protection.

  • My skin does not sting or feel uncomfortable when I use it twice a day
  • The skin is not acne-prone and does not have any irritation
  • My skin in the morning is not dull and the sunscreen does not make the Varihope serum yellow or darken my skin.
  • Very moisturizing for the skin. Since my skin is dry, I feel the moisture on my skin from morning to afternoon.
  • My skin is brighter and no longer dark or dull.
  • My bruises recovered 90%, now the spots are extremely faint, sometimes I don’t even notice and detect.

My skin after 18 days of using serum Varihope

In short, when I use this Vitamin C serum, I really like it, I’ve been using it for 1 month now and my skin has also changed markedly. If there is a product review, I will rate it 9/10.

If you are interested in the product and want to try a “em” serum to experience, you can buy it at the Website. Varihope Vietnam To ensure safety but also quality!



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