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Sharing the best makeup to cover acne today – Blogchamsoc – Blog about skincare & cosmetic review


Face defects such as acne, pigmentation, freckles will make women lack confidence when interacting with people.

To help you no longer feel self-conscious about your facial skin, let’s take a look at how to cover acne with makeup.

1. How to effectively cover blemishes with makeup

To help you be more confident when going out, cover the flaws on your face, please refer to the following makeup process. Note each step to achieve the desired effect.

Step 1: Take care of your skin before makeup

The first step is to clean your face. One of the important requirements for people with acne-prone skin is to always keep it clean. This is also a measure to help you prevent and eliminate acne.

Wash your face clean to help skin healthy and anti-aging

Then, you must moisturize your skin thoroughly before applying makeup to avoid moldy skin, not eating powder. Moisturizing also helps strengthen the skin’s protective layer, making cosmetics not penetrate directly into the skin, helping to prevent acne effectively.

There are different skin care products for each skin type. Make sure you choose the right cleanser, makeup remover and other skin care products.

Step 2: Prepare makeup

For those of you with acne-prone skin, choosing the right cosmetics is very important. Please base on your facial skin characteristics to choose the right one.

Prepare makeup, cosmetics suitable for skin type

A few suggestions on choosing the right cosmetics for you are as follows:

  • Oil-free cosmetics: You should prioritize choosing oil-free products for makeup. Oily cosmetics can easily clog the skin, causing more acne. The terms for this cosmetic are “noncomedogenic” or “non-acnegenic”.
  • Moisturizing primer: Next is the primer, give preference to the primers that have moisturizing properties, do not contain much oil. Using a primer also makes the foundation softer.
  • Foundation, cushion, bb cream, … To have a perfect and even color background, this main character is definitely indispensable. Choose products that are fragrance-free, alcohol-free, and safe for your skin.
  • Concealer: One of the important considerations when choosing a concealer is the color. You should choose a type with the same skin color, the more dissonant concealer makes it easier to highlight the flaws on your face.
  • Powder: If you have oily skin, add this step to control oil and fix makeup. If you don’t want the foundation to be too thick, you can use colorless powder
  • Makeup kit: And finally the makeup kit, you choose all the necessary tools such as: makeup sponge, brush, mirror, eyebrow pencil, eyelash curler…
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Here are a few suggestions for choosing makeup cosmetics that you can refer to.

Step 3: Apply makeup

When you have prepared all the necessary tools and cosmetics, you proceed to apply makeup to your skin to reduce acne. After thoroughly cleansing and moisturizing, wait for about 5 minutes for the moisturizer to penetrate into the skin, then you can start applying makeup.

Carrying out makeup step by step for acne skin

First: Apply a primer on your face. Then, take an appropriate amount of foundation, spread the foundation evenly with a brush or sponge

Next: Use concealer to cover blemishes, freckles and other imperfections on the face.

Finishing: Finally, finish the foundation to cover the acne with a powder to keep the makeup all day without drifting.

Step 4: Remove makeup

Makeup removal is an extremely important step, even if you don’t wear makeup, you should still use makeup remover to clean your skin and then use a cleanser – this is called double cleansing for the skin.

Take off makeup after you’re done with makeup

Here are the steps in the makeup process to cover acne, you can refer to. Do not forget to apply appropriate acne treatment to minimize blemishes on the face.

2. Important notes when applying makeup to cover acne

If you do not want your acne to be worse, when applying makeup, please note these important issues:

2.1 Sunscreen

You do not think that the foundation layers will protect the skin from the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays, in fact UV rays can also penetrate through glass doors and clothes to penetrate the skin.

Therefore, sunscreen is an indispensable product when you go out. Besides protecting the skin from UV rays, sunscreen is also used as a primer before makeup.

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2.2 Using acne patches

If your face has open wounds, inflammatory acne, you should not apply makeup directly on it.

Cosmetics acting on the inside can make acne more inflamed and inflamed. So, the best way to protect acne is to use acne patches to prevent those pimples from getting worse.

Use acne patches to cover open wounds or inflamed pimples

2.3 Do not share makeup

One of the rules people with acne-prone skin should remember when applying makeup is not to share products with other people. You should buy your own set of tools, especially makeup brushes and sponges.

Besides, also change and clean your makeup sponge regularly to remove bacteria. This is a way to keep the skin clean, helping you limit the spread of acne on the skin.

2.4 Reasonable living diet

The application of a reasonable diet and lifestyle is also essential in the treatment of acne. Limit your intake of spicy, greasy, coffee, and alcoholic products. You should also not stay up too much at night and always keep your face clean every day.

With swollen, inflamed, pus-producing acne spots, you should pay attention to a reputable dermatology address for examination. Experts, dermatologists will examine your skin condition specifically to give the most suitable remedy.

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Above are the sharing on how to cover acne with makeup for the skin, hopefully it will be useful to you.

Please leave a comment below about the problems you are facing or contribute content about the article.

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