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Take care of your long hair in summer days


Long, straight hair is always beautiful and makes others admire, but to take care of it properly, especially in these hot summer days, it doesn’t seem that simple.

Know your hair type

To take care of any hair (whether short or long), you also need to understand your hair type and use the right hair care products for each hair type. Long hair also includes hair types such as normal hair – dry hair, thick hair – thin hair, curled hair – straight hair. Different hair types will of course require different care and hair care products to suit.


Tie-up or tight buns for a long time can damage your hair. Therefore, hair care experts always recommend that you avoid tight hair ties or buns. Whenever possible, let your hair down to give your strands a “rest”. If you still want to tie your hair, don’t tie it too tight. If you want your hair to become neater, you can use a headband. In addition, you should not tie your hair when it is wet to avoid breaking your hair.

Let hair dry naturally

One thing that seems very simple, but for girls with long hair is extremely important and useful: it is to let your hair dry naturally whenever you finish washing your hair. Avoid rubbing or wrapping your hair in a towel to dry it out as this will further damage it. Instead, you should use a soft cotton towel to absorb and gently stroke your hair to let it dry naturally. If you want to use a hair dryer in a hurry, you should choose the cold drying mode or reduce the temperature to the lowest possible level.

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Regular haircuts

Trim your hair regularly so that your long hair grows quickly and without split ends. Get regular haircuts every 6-8 weeks to add neatness and stimulate hair growth.

Avoid going to bed with long hair tied too tightly. This makes the hair weak and prone to breakage.

Do not wash your hair with too hot water, it will easily damage the hair and lose the natural oils on the oily skin. It is recommended to use cool water or warm water with a little shampoo because this will help close the pores on the oily skin, preventing dandruff.

– To avoid hair breakage, split ends and easy breakage, you should avoid exposing your hair to sunlight, chemicals, hair straightening dyes, etc. Hair should be allowed to dry naturally after washing.

– Do not use a towel to rub freshly washed hair because it will make hair tangled, instead, you can wrap a towel to let the water slowly penetrate.

– Do not use a thick comb to comb long hair, this will put a pull on your hair and make it easy to fall out. Instead, you can use your fingers or a wide-toothed comb to comb your hair.

– Comb the hair from the ends first and gradually increase at the roots in a gentle downward direction. Avoid brushing too hard as it will break your hair.




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