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The secret to dyeing hair at home


Choose the right color: Skin tone is an important factor to pay attention to. The hair hugs the face, so if the dye is “sloppy”, it will make the skin look gray and old. Whatever color or brand you choose, be sure to carefully read and follow the instructions on the packaging!

Hair care: If your hair is damaged, the dye cannot penetrate deeply and will create streaks of color that are difficult to see, so you need to condition your hair at least a week before the day of dyeing.

Test the drug before dyeing

Hair can be allergic to dyes, so it’s best 2 days before dyeing, test the product by dabbing a little on the back of your hand.

If there are no red spots, you don’t feel hot or burning, itchy… then you can rest assured with the chosen dye product.

Dyeing Manipulation

Read the instructions carefully

Whether you’re in a hurry or can’t wait to see your transformation, the first step is to open the box of dye, take out the instruction sheet, and read it carefully.

Respect the dyeing steps

– Prepare dye color (mix the drug according to the specified ratio)

– Divide the hair into thin layers and secure with a pair of speculum. Divide the hair layer, immediately apply the dye to that layer of hair.

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Apply the medicine in turn to the hair shaft, the ends of the hair, then the roots because the hair roots catch color faster than other areas.

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– Don’t be afraid to use your fingertips to spread the medicine evenly on your hair

– After spreading the medicine evenly on the hair, leave it on for a while for the indicated time (usually 30-45 minutes).

– Then, wash your hair under warm water and rinse vigorously until the water is clear.

Hair care and how to keep dyed hair durable

Hair will become dry, frizzy and damaged after being “soaked” in the chemicals of the dye.

– Should choose hair care products such as shampoo, conditioner, cream … for dyed hair and the color you dyed.

– The color of dyed hair is easily pale and dull before the impact of the sun, sea salt, chlorine, sweat… Therefore, it is recommended to protect your hair when going out in the sun with a wide-brimmed hat, a scarf over your hair…

– Avoid washing your hair with hot water and drying your hair to prevent it from drying out, split and keep the dye more durable.

– It is recommended to trim the ends of dyed hair at least every 2 months to remove split hair and help hair color uniform.




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