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[THỰC HƯ] Should I use a face wash for skin care?


There are many opinions showing that women must have a face wash for the new skin care steps to be effective. But is this true or not? And what is the answer to the question? Should I use a washing machine? To clean the skin?. Hay Which washing machine is good??. Below this article I will suggest you the answer.

According to beauty experts, they always say that our surface skin is always in a protected state from deep within. That is, under the skin always creates a shield to avoid the harmful effects of the field. So is a washing machine really necessary or not, let’s Learn more about this issue.

I. What is a face wash machine, the effect of a face wash machine on the skin

To answer the question of whether to use a face wash. First of all, we need to clarify what washing machines are, and how they affect the skin.

As you know, a face washer is a beauty instruments is the hottest today because of its use and effectiveness for your skin. Not only has the effect of cleaning the skin and removing dirt deep under the pores and can completely exfoliate and has countless other uses such as: Massage, penetrate the essence of cosmetics on skin is more effective,.. With a washing machine invented to serve the needs of each person and have equivalent functions.

Should I use a washing machine?
Is a washing machine necessary?

However, with other versions from different brands, they all bring different effects when affecting the skin. Because not only the brush head, but also the vibration mode or the functions of the washing machine, the mechanism of action. Therefore, this washing machine will help the skin be cleaner when we wash our face by hand.

II. Should I use a face wash to wash my face?

It is impossible to stop each person when deciding to use or buy a washing machine. This depends on the intended use of each person. Maybe you will find it necessary in today’s dusty and polluted environment. Or when you feel that using your hands to wash your face will not remove all the dirt left behind. So the question of whether to use a face wash is up to each of us. We can absolutely choose to buy a washing machine or not.

But before buying, do a thorough research on washing machines and from different brands. Pay special attention to the functions and vibrations of the washing machine.

The frequency of each washing machine should be used 1-2 times a day and a week should be used 2-3 times. Because the face wash machine has the effect of exfoliating and removing the stratum corneum on the skin. Therefore, women should not overdo this to avoid cases that make the skin more worn or sensitive.

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III. The potentials when using a face wash

When the skin is affected with the washing machine, very few people can feel what they are using. When the skin is applied with great force, this will also cause the pores to open larger at first. When opening the pores, it is completely impossible to tighten the pores back to their original state.

The harmful effects of using the wrong washing machine
If used improperly, the washing machine can cause problems for your skin

Not only that, when acne skin uses a face wash, the acne marks will be strongly impacted on the open wounds on the skin and after rinsing with water will also be the cause of easy access for bacteria to the acne. than.

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Not to mention the washing machine brush heads that have not been thoroughly cleaned, or leaving the machine in humid environments easily cause skin diseases that we cannot avoid. In addition, when we overuse the washing machine, the regeneration layers for the skin will also lose elasticity because of the washing machine and this will make the skin age earlier.

IV. Should I buy an expensive washing machine?

If we have stable financial resources, the choice of an expensive or cheap washing machine, the answer will be yes. Because high-end machines from big brands have many uses and more effective sound wave technologies. But that’s not why the popular washing machine “does not have martial arts”.

Each type has its own uses. But there will be washing machines with more effects, and many more just for cleaning. For students, we can completely choose from halio, miniso, … or silicone face wash pads. Both have effective cleansing effect and help the skin to breathe better.

Should I buy an expensive washing machine?
Is it really necessary to use an expensive washing machine?

For expensive face wash machines, it will come with a few other features such as: exfoliation, facial massage to help penetrate nutrients deep into the skin, preventing the aging process, etc. Therefore, you should also consider the quality as well as the price of the product.

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With the above sharing, Natural Beauty Blog gave suggestions on the answers to your questions in the process of using the washing machine. Hopefully, this article has helped you answer the question of whether to use a face wash as well as whether to buy a face wash. If you still have any questions about skin care and beauty, don’t hesitate to leave a message with Natural Beauty Blog. Our team will always listen and share with you.

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