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What is hidden acne? How to treat acne hidden under the skin at home


What is hidden acne or acne under the skin? Why does it make so many people feel self-conscious? Is there any good way to treat acne hidden under the skin? In this article, will synthesize some methods as well as ways to treat acne hidden under the skin at home, anyone can do it.

I. What is hidden acne?

Hidden acne, also known as subcutaneous acne, is a type of non-inflammatory acne, located deep under the skin. These pimples are small, growing in patches/clusters. Although, hidden acne does not cause acne sufferers to feel pain. However, the facial skin is not smooth, it is often rough. If not properly cared for, it will cause skin inflammation, acne becomes more difficult to treat.

Common areas for hidden acne are: cheeks, forehead and around the chin.

II. Signs to recognize hidden acne

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Hidden acne often grows in clusters, the acne nucleus is not clearly visible

You can easily identify acne hidden under the skin through some of the following symptoms:

Acne does not protrude from the surface of the skin like some other types of acne. Hidden acne does not see the core clearly, so it is very difficult to squeeze. When touching the face with hands, the feeling of the skin is not smooth but lumpy.

Hidden acne often grows in clusters, concentrated with thick density, small acne size. Hidden acne often spreads to the surrounding areas if not cared for properly.

Is there any way to know if I have hidden acne? To know if my skin has hidden acne or not? You can touch your face with your hands, if you see any more lumpy skin, it’s a hidden acne. Or you can stand in the light, and use a mirror to look. If you see your skin where it stands out, it’s hidden acne.

III. Causes of hidden acne

What is the cause of hidden acne?
Cosmetic allergies, hormonal changes or environmental pollution are all possible causes of acne hidden under the skin.

There are many causes of hidden acne. When dirt and remaining cosmetic layers are not cleaned, thorough makeup removal will cause hidden acne. Disruption, hormonal changes, or a dusty, polluted environment are also the causes of hidden acne.

3.1. The main cause of acne

Pores are clogged, clogged due to dust, dirt from the external environment. These layers of dirt are not cleaned, giving bacteria the opportunity to grow and form acne.

– Irritated skin, or sensitive to cosmetics, weather also causes acne under the skin.

Using skin care products, or makeup products such as moisturizers, foundations, makeup remover oils, etc. that contain a lot of oil, but are not cleaned properly will cause the skin to clog pores leading to pores. to acne formation.

Some ingredients in cosmetics such as alcohol, coconut oil, olive oil, titanium dioxide… can cause acne if our skin is not suitable. Every skin is different, so what may be suitable for someone with coconut oil products, but not for your skin. So how to limit the skin of hidden acne due to incompatibility with cosmetics and skin care products? That is if you want to add a new product to “slap” your skin, then in about 1-2 months you should only try a new product. When a new product is allergic or non-allergic, or has hidden acne, you will know immediately what is the ingredient, what is the product that is not suitable for your skin.

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Skin that is not cleaned properly also causes more acne. For example, when using makeup remover oil, many of you complain that when using makeup remover oil for a while, you see more acne. The main cause of this problem is that when they remove makeup, they don’t emulsify properly, causing the amount of oil on the skin to remain. This will cause the pores on the face to be clogged, not open, leading to hidden acne.

3.2. Some other causes of hidden acne

In addition, improper diet and activities also make hidden acne become more. Or long-term stress and stress also cause hidden acne.

Besides, the habit of touching our face also makes acne stick to our face forever. Because our hands have to come into contact with many things, it is also a place where many bacteria are concentrated. When you touch your face, it will inadvertently create conditions for bacteria to enter the skin. Or penetrate the wounds left by acne. Causes acne to spread, or get worse. Therefore, you should always keep your hands clean when starting to take care of your skin, as well as give up the habit of touching your face for the health of your own skin.

IV. Instructions for treating acne hidden under the skin at home

how to treat acne hidden under the skin
For acne-prone skin, cleaning the skin helps to clear the skin and avoid infection

Treating hidden acne, especially when applying acne treatment at home, is not too difficult, but you need to be patient. In my experience, acne treatment takes about 4-5 months to clear. Even now, I still have a few tiny pimples on my forehead. Maybe it’s because of each person’s body. If you have healthy skin, or are properly cared for, the treatment time for hidden acne will be reduced a bit.

Below, will introduce home remedies for hidden acne. Hopefully, you can also say goodbye to hidden acne like me.

4.1. Clean skin

Sincere advice is that if you want to get rid of acne, or treat hidden acne effectively, you should practice the right skincare routine for yourself. In particular, cleansing is an extremely important step with 4 basic steps to clean the skin as follows: Remove makeup -> exfoliate -> use cleanser -> toner. You can refer to the detailed cleaning steps below.

Facial makeup remover

After every evening going to work, coming home from school, no matter how busy you are, you have to remove makeup for your face. You should use makeup remover, makeup remover suitable for skin to remove dirt, makeup. Note, you should limit makeup when the skin is acne as possible.

Exfoliate regularly

You should exfoliate about 1-2 times a week. Choose a grain-free, oil-soluble exfoliant to clean pores. At the same time remove the stratum corneum, dead cells and stimulate new cells to grow and push the hidden acne to the surface.

Wash your face with cleanser to remove dirt

You should choose a cleanser with a suitable pH, gentle, with silicon acid ingredients. Silicon acid – this is an important ingredient in preventing acne from forming.

Use toner after washing your face to remove any remaining dirt

After washing your face, use a cotton pad soaked in toner to gently wipe your face. Note, do not rub, or rub hard on the skin.

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Thus, facial cleansing is extremely important. With four steps to clean the skin as above, it will help your skin be cleaner, oil layers, makeup layers are also removed. The skin is not infected with bacteria, infections caused by acne. At the same time, it also helps to prevent hidden acne from spreading to other areas.

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Does not help clean the skin, ventilation. But when the step of cleaning the skin also creates a premise for the next steps. For example, when your skin is clean, clear, you apply moisturizer, acne cream, or anti-aging cream, the nutrients are also more easily absorbed into the skin. From there, the products promote maximum efficiency.

4.2. Facial steaming to push hidden acne

Steaming to treat hidden acne is also one of the methods that women use a lot. Because it is one of the best ways to push hidden acne. The facial steam helps to open up the pores, stimulates to help push the hidden acne up. Thereby, making it easier to remove acne. You should steam your face about 2-3 times a week for the best skin care.

You can do a facial steam treatment at home with peppermint, lavender essential oil, lemon, lemongrass, chamomile, etc. You bring the ingredients that you are prepared to boil with clean water. Then, put your face on that hot steam for about 10-15 minutes.

After facial steaming, when the face is still hot, the pores are still expanding. You should not rush to wash your face with cold water immediately. Instead, you should let your skin rest for about 10-15 minutes. Or you can cover your face with a clay mask. The clay mask is an effective acne-repelling mask. The clay mask will help absorb all the dirt in the enlarged pores and wash it away when we wash our face with water.

4.3. Provide enough water for the skin every day

– Provide water to the skin from the outside, for example, you can use oil-free skin care products such as aloe vera gel, lotion suitable for each location of each skin.

You should also use a hydrating mask about twice a week.

– Water supply from the body. Every day you should try to drink enough water, about 1 – 1.5 liters of water per day. Water helps flush out toxins from the skin from within, while preventing excess oil from being secreted more effectively.

4.4. Get hidden acne at spas

Going to get hidden acne at the spa is the fastest way. At the same time it is also way more risky. Because it depends on the skill of the technician.

After going to get hidden acne at the spa. You really need to take care of your skin carefully, avoid skin contact with dirt, use sunscreen as well as pay attention to eating, and proper rest.

You can use tea tree oil to quickly astringent acne, to disinfect. In order to reduce acne spreading to other areas, help open wounds caused by squeezing acne to heal faster.

And if, after squeezing acne, you do not care about skin care carefully. Accidentally will make the skin infected, the bacteria spread. Acne may spread more, with pustules. Therefore, if you cannot take good care of your skin after squeezing acne, Blogdeptunhien sincerely recommends that you do not go to the spa to squeeze acne.

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4.5. Build a healthy diet and lifestyle

For the treatment of hidden acne to be effective, you should have a reasonable diet, work and rest.

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You should increase your intake of foods containing fatty acids: Omega-3, Omega-6, Omega-9; Vitamins: A, B, C, E; minerals such as chromium and zinc. At the same time, you should also limit foods high in fat, hot spicy foods, and stimulant drinks.

Besides, you should also get enough sleep, limit staying up late. Avoid letting your best friend fall into prolonged stress. Because of that, it will make your acne worse.

4.6. Use natural masks to treat hidden acne

You can use natural masks to clear your face. Such as green tea mask, cucumber, aloe vera or honey mask, etc.

V. Some frequently asked questions about hidden acne

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5.1. Can hidden acne go away on its own? Acne hidden under the skin how?

Some of you think that hidden acne is invisible so it can go away on its own. But the truth is hidden acne is just like any other type of acne. It cannot go away on its own, if you do not have the right way to take care of your skin. Sometimes hidden acne is more difficult to treat than other acne because it is located below the surface of the skin.

So how to get rid of hidden acne? It is to choose for yourself the right treatment method as well as the right product for the skin to gradually recover and get rid of acne.

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5.2. How to treat acne hidden under the skin at home effective?

To make a natural way to treat acne hidden under the skin. You can use ingredients available at home such as: acne treatment with honey and lemon; potato mask; tomato mask, … Along with the combination of facial steaming to treat hidden acne from ingredients: lemongrass leaves, lemon, chrysanthemum flowers, …. The ingredients contained in natural ingredients will help the skin be antibacterial, avoid acne spread, the skin is also more open.

Also, then you should use hidden acne cream dedicated to achieving the desired effect. Above is information about hidden acne, how to treat acne hidden under the skin at home.

Natural Beauty Blog Hope that this article will help you more or less. If you have any questions, or tips on how to treat acne hidden under the skin, please share it with everyone by leaving a comment below.



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