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Why use face wash when skincare?


Washing your face is the first and most important step in facial care. But many women only wash their face with water and do not use any cleanser at all. Such a mistake can reduce the effectiveness of the skin care process. So in this article, we will explain to you why you must use facial cleanser in the skincare process

I. About face wash

It can be said that a cleanser is a type of facial cleanser used to remove dirt, makeup or dead cells on the face. It is because of such use that the face wash has the English name Face Wash or Facial Cleanser. And these words are printed on the packaging of cleanser products

II. Why use face wash?

Face wash for deep clean skin
Face wash for deep clean skin

Facial cleanser is an indispensable product in the facial care and cleansing step because it has the following effects:

Clean skin

The most common and most common use of facial cleansers is to clean the skin. Visible when using this product for the first time of the day. Face oil, dirt will be cleaned and become bright after just a few seconds of washing the face.

Remove impurities that ordinary water cannot do

Many people only wash their face with clean water because they find their face can be clean after use. But in fact, ordinary water cannot remove excess oil on the skin of the face and dirt, bacteria of small size are present on the skin and pores.

With the properties of removing oil-based substances with lithium foam particles and surfactants that can remove all dirt, bacteria on the skin … ensure the cleanest skin.

Prevention and treatment of skin conditions

Conditions such as dermatitis, acne or tanning are more or less related to dirt and bacteria on the skin. Using a face wash will fly away all pathogens, some cleansers also have anti-inflammatory essences, helping to treat skin diseases effectively.

Helps skin care products work their best into the skin

After washing your face with a cleanser, your skin will be the most beautiful and clean. No more bacteria or dirt on the skin, helping the skin to breathe the most. Only then can the nutrients be fully absorbed into the skin. If you have not completely cleansed your skin or just used water to wash your face, the oily substances can form a barrier to prevent the nutrients in skincare products, making these products ineffective and It can also have adverse effects on the skin.

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III. How to choose a face wash by skin type

Face wash helps remove dirt, sebum
Face wash helps remove dirt, sebum

In addition to why to use a facial cleanser, choosing the right cleanser for your skin type is equally important because using the right cleanser will give the best effect and not cause irritation. skin

Facial cleanser for normal skin

Normal skin is the easiest skin type to care for, so you can choose from a variety of cleansers for this skin type. But we recommend using facial cleansers with a pH of 4.5 – 6.5 to create light moisture for the skin

Face wash for oily skin

Oily skin is a type of skin that is difficult to care for, has large pores and is often accompanied by acne. So you should choose products face wash for oily skin Foam, containing surfactants, works to remove excess oil on the skin after a long day

Face wash for dry skin

Dry skin has a rough surface, prone to skin damage, so you should not choose cleansers with too high surfactants because it will lose the fragile moisturizing film of the skin. You should choose the products face wash for dry skin Has a cream form containing many moisturizers, fatty acids but still effectively cleans the skin

Facial cleanser for combination skin

Combination skin is a combination of dry and oily skin. For this skin type, choose cleansers for combination skin that are foamy in the morning and use cream cleansers at night to moisturize the skin.

Face wash for acne skin

You should choose products with acne-fighting properties, containing Salicylic Acid to reduce inflammation and reduce swelling. Should choose products like Cream, soft gel, no cleansing particles to avoid friction on acne marks

Facial cleanser for sensitive skin

Sensitive skin is the most difficult skin type to use cosmetics. Therefore, you should choose a mild gel cleanser that gently cleanses and maintains the necessary moisture for the skin.

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The above is an explanation of why you must use a facial cleanser when your skincare routine Natural Beauty Blog. As can be seen above, face wash has an important use in the skincare process. Make sure you choose the right cleanser for your skin type. If you find this article useful, don’t forget to share it so more people know.



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